Our Dairy Products and Suppliers

To see our full range of dairy products and groceries please visit our YourMOO pages where you can browse our products by category. Once you are a registered online customer you will be able to add products to your order. We will need you to register online even if you are currently an existing customer.

We supply all grades of milk, in glass or plastic bottles, including Whole, Semi-skimmed and Skimmed Milk, which are all sourced from local Lancashire dairy farms. You can read about our local suppliers here.

We also deliver organic milk and a range of milk alternatives such as soya or coconut milk. Our other dairy produce includes cream ,yoghurts And some amazing Milkshakes.

Besides Dairy products we also deliver grocery and seasonal items, including local free range eggs, fresh fruit juices and logs.

Call us today on 01257 276468 or email info@critchleymilkdelivery.co.uk